Personal Training

RecWell 1-on-1 Personal Training

Personal Training services offer individual and partner training with nationally certified trainers. Clients work with trainers to set goals, form lifelong habits, learn proper exercise form, and to build an effective workout that is tailored to your needs.

RecWell Fitness Assessment & Bod Pod®

Fitness Assessments offer a picture of overall physical health by measuring muscle strength/endurance, flexibility, body composition, and submax cardiorespiratory fitness. Standardized assessment protocols are used to measure your numbers against the baseline of your age/gender. When you know your numbers, you can specifically tailor your program to your needs, measure your progress, and identify any areas needing improvement.

RecWell PT+ Packages

Personal Training Plus (PT+) is a team approach pairing personal trainers and University Health Center nutrition coaches working with you to accomplish your exercise and healthy eating goals. The PT+ program allows clients to work with trainers AND nutrition coaches to learn how to develop dietary habits that fit into your lifestyle and support your exercise goals. Note: Due to the nature of the program, PT+ is limited to the first couple months of the fall and spring semesters. PT+ is not offered over the winter or summer.